Responsible Gaming ✅ Provides safe and reliable online gaming

291BET responsible gaming is based on three basic principles: player safety, game safety and preventing game addiction. We work with research institutions, associations and treatment providers to create a framework for responsible, safe and secure online gaming.

Self-responsibility is the most sustainable form of prevention

The basic principle advocated by 291BET is that the final decision and responsibility for whether to play and how much money can be spent on games should be borne by the customers themselves. Therefore, customer self-responsibility is the most effective form of preventing addiction.

What is problematic gaming behavior?

The special danger of addiction that is not related to any substance is that it is difficult to draw the line between pleasure and addiction. Still, there are some diagnostic signs that can point to an existing problem. If at least five of the following symptoms are present, the likelihood of severe dependence is high:

  • The player is addicted to gambling and all his thoughts are related only to the game.
  • Betting amounts increase over time.
  • Attempts to withdraw or control his participation in games appear to be unsuccessful.
  • When restricted from participating in gambling, a person can feel irritated and disappointed.
  • Games are a way to escape from problems or discomfort.
  • How do I turn off my sports betting risk limit?

If you do not wish to have a sports betting risk limit set, you may contact Customer Service to submit a request to turn off risk limits. Please note that your request is subject to a 24-hour cooling-off period. If you change your mind during the cooling-off period, you can contact us to cancel your request. Otherwise, current sports betting risk limits will be revoked once the cooling-off period has expired.

291BET recommends that you withdraw funds from your account before deactivating it. If you are temporarily deactivated and have pending bets, these will not be cancelled. During the period of inactivity, any winnings will be added to your account balance. Please contact 291BET Customer Service to arrange for the funds in your account to be returned to you.