Privacy Policy ✅ How long does 291BET retain your personal data

291BET Casino will take steps to ensure that the use of your personal information complies with the valid data protection and privacy regulations in the countries in which we operate. This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected when you use our website or when you interact with us.

How 291BET collects personal information

291BET may collect personal information in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Directly from you when you submit your personal details at 291BET or subscribe to our services and enter into an agreement with us.
  2. Payment information related to your commercial and financial relationship with us, such as the services we provide to you, the phone numbers you call and text from, your payment history and service history.
  3. From third parties, such as 291BET related companies, credit reporting agencies or your representatives; we sometimes collect information from trusted third parties when appropriate and reasonably based on the services we provide or intend to provide you. Relevant to your personal data.

How long does 291BET retain your personal data?

  1. For the safety of our customers and to control legal requirements, our company retains the personal data of each player. After you delete your account and close your personal account at 291BET, we will continue to retain your personal data for 5 years after you leave.
  2. The retention period depends on many factors, such as the amount and nature of the information provided to us, the purpose of using our platform, causing harm or illegal activity, etc. Our Privacy Policy sets out all aspects regarding data retention periods.

291BET Security

  1. In accordance with our established policies and strict privacy rules, we protect your data in accordance with the law and are committed to keeping it secure.
  2. Two-factor authentication is a powerful way to prevent others from using your account. The data you provide to us can only be accessed using a unique identification number and password for our platform. Additionally, you are solely responsible for the security of your player registration data.

291BET information storage

  1. 291BET considers your confidential information to be of vital importance; we protect this information as securely as possible. Information may only be disclosed to our affiliated companies.
  2. 291BET may rely on credit reference agencies to conduct research to prevent fraud, guarantee your age and prevent identity theft and money laundering. This is done for your benefit and safety. We may disclose this information to second or third party organizations in order to research and prevent this situation.

If there are any changes to 291BET privacy policy and we need to use your personal information, we will inform you as soon as possible. The Company’s privacy policy may change at any time, and you are advised to review the privacy policy regularly to check for the latest changes.